From Conspiracy Theory to Application – Earth’s Sodium Layer As a Battery In Space?


Did you had any idea there is a sodium layer in space, or the edge of the World’s air? It turns out it’s between 55 miles and 65 miles over the earth, and you wouldn’t actually see it, except if you had modern estimation devices, in any case it is right there. The explanation you can’t see it is that it is extremely thick, yet imagine a scenario where we could make it denser – and consider the possibility that we chose to involve it for something. Gracious, I can hear you currently; “here is another of Spear’s geo-designing ideas.” Well indeed, I suppose you’re right, as that is somewhat what I had as a primary concern.


In any case, before you nix the thought let me make sense of how this could function, and a portion of the things we could possibly involve it for. Not very far in the past, a colleague of mine sent me a fascinating paranoid fear, and in the wake of perusing it I giggled, however at that point I contemplated internally perhaps it’s feasible to utilize this sodium layer for something exceptional and commendable. I accept there may be a method 120ah lifepo4 battery sending power in short rushes in the gigahertz reach to the “sodium layer” that the paranoid fear fellow examines.


Think of it as a minor departure from the entirety “HAARP” idea, and thusly, we can expand the thickness by 1100% or more, in this way, if we somehow happened to disperse a fine layer of particles, comparative in nature, and afterward hit it with the shaft, we “may” have the option to involve it as a goliath screen, as that writer put it for a scene or monster like IMAX theater type projection, or even imbecile a foe radar framework, or cause it to create the impression that something that isn’t there is. Further, it very well may be utilized to down an ICBM or utilized for BLOS radar framework by involving it as a goliath reflecting repeater, or one more expected use, to tidy up the environment of high-height contamination.


Best, all things considered, could utilize the sodium layer, increment the thickness, and make it a goliath battery gathering the energy from the rubbing of the Earth traveling through space. Bunches of purposes for that despite the fact that releases may be flighty – basically right away, yet with the NASA satellite for natural use, we could just glance at it and afterward figure out how to manage the energy, perhaps direct it some place, it very well may be huge, likened to catching the energy from Aurora Borealis.


I’ve perused a portion of the papers from Dr, Scratch Begich, even sent him a thought for killing a tropical storm utilizing a comparable technique re-compressing the low-tension in the eye of a typhoon (it’s convoluted so I will not go into that here), however I don’t remember whether he at any point messaged me back on that one, yet somebody received the email, I keep thinking about whether they thought about that idea.


At any rate, what I’m talking about is that albeit that fear inspired notion individual is beyond ludicrous, he has sufficient information behind his different contemplations to listen as well. Presently then, though he sees the applications as shrewd purpose, I see a portion of this as splendid for a few pretty magnificent applications, regardless of his fixation on “New World Request” ideas, conspiratorial hypotheses, and worldwide take-overs.


In the mean time, I gotten serious about my gratitude to my colleague for sending that paranoid notion and, indeed, I’ll just own it, I used to stand by listening to Workmanship Ringer quite a while in the past for the sake of entertainment while going in my engine mentor, it assists stay with getting up around midnight while shipping the nation over.


As a matter of fact, I accept I had found out about that scheme idea quite a while in the past, on a site of some kind, however I value Science fiction and paranoid notions, as they are disparate reasoning and commendable explosions of innovativeness, and unique suspected as much is about, so up to one keeps viewpoint, one-foot in reality, it’s all great right? If it’s not too much trouble, think about this and consider it.

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